Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Rehab


Recovering from addiction is a process you don’t want to face alone. Support and guidance can often help people get through the most difficult stages of their journey towards sobriety. Sometimes, people look for this additional support with an inpatient rehab facility. Inpatient rehab typically offers patients 24-hour care and support as they work through their recovery. Of course, these programs are usually lengthy, and the patient lives in the facility itself while being aided by medical staff.


Inpatient Rehab is a program for addiction treatment in which patients are housed for a period of time, up to several months, to receive continued care and support in beating their addiction. Often, this begins with a medical detox to rid patients of the addictive substance within their system. Inpatient programs then typically will provide patients with a schedule filled with different activities, including therapy sessions.

These programs are often beneficial for patients that have trouble with addiction beyond the chemical component. For those who have difficulty staying sober due to environmental issues, such as a difficult home life or easy access to substances, inpatient rehab treatment may help prevent them from relapsing.

However, this form of treatment may not be ideal for everyone. Inpatient programs require a long term commitment, and some people may not have the time or financial capacity to pursue such a lengthy stay. In some cases, if the chemical addiction is the primary cause for addiction, then a chemical detoxification method may be an effective standalone recovery option for those patients with supportive home environments or outpatient options.


The first step in recovery with UMMC Rapid Recovery Center is our medical detox process. Utilizing the RAND method, we provide patients with an option for quick, safe, and effective detox without fear of withdrawal. The process takes a few hours, along with two to three days of aftercare and recovery time.

The recovery time allows for the professional staff on hand to monitor a patient after detox and anesthesia, ensuring the body returns to a normal and healthy state after the rapid removal of addictive substances. Thanks to the quick elimination of chemical addiction factors and aftercare, this makes our medical detox treatment an excellent first step for patients looking to overcome addiction.

While our rapid detox treatment is an excellent way to start your journey to freedom from addiction, we do recognize that it is only a first step on this journey. Addiction has many sources and causes, so the process of completely eliminating addiction from your life is often a multistep path. We often support patients by providing them information and direction for their next steps so they can go forward and deal with the psychological and environmental facets of addiction once they’ve undergone a successful detoxification process.


The road to overcoming addiction can be long and sometimes difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve undergone our detox process, you’ll have an opportunity to face the next stages without worrying about the physical and chemical dependencies. We want to help you get the right support and find the ongoing treatment options that you need.

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