Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment


At the UMMC rapid detox center, we offer those struggling with addiction a quick, effective method of detoxification. Employing the Rapid Anesthesia Narcotic Detox (RAND) method, we move patients through an anesthesia-assisted detoxification process designed to not only speed up detox, but also prevent nearly all withdrawal symptoms.

As each patient and addiction experience is unique, we tailor our drug addiction treatment plans to the individual patient. This ensures the most effective treatment. The process itself is supported by a full staff of nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologists providing care throughout. Taking into consideration the individual health concerns and addiction parameters of each patient allows us to better serve our community by providing a safe, fast alternative to traditional detox methods.


The entire procedure takes only a few hours, and it happens in a completely controlled operating room setting. As an extension of the UMMC hospital, our drug addiction treatment center is staffed and supported by a full team of professionals dedicated to the well being of each patient we treat. Part of our mission here is to support and uplift patients suffering from addiction.

Thanks to the rapid nature of our detoxification process, we’re also able to accommodate a larger number of patients over time. We prefer this method because it allows us to treat individuals in crisis at a much faster rate than traditional detox or rehab centers. In some cases, traditional centers rely on methods that expose patients to the risk of relapse and withdrawal symptoms, and in other cases more successful detox programs can have a long waiting list before they’re able to treat patients.

While we often talk about our process as an excellent alternative to traditional methods, it’s worth noting that our process is still a complete medical procedure. We still rely on many of the drug based detox tools found in other inpatient procedures, and our general anesthetics are administered with the same care and precision as you’d expect from any other operating room procedure. As such, there is an aftercare period, and extensive precautions taken to ensure the safety, well-being, and rapid recovery of each patient.


For many, the first step towards recovery may be our rapid detox treatment, which can last for several hours. While people may believe that their treatment and care ends once they wake from the anesthesia of the procedure, that’s not exactly right. Both addiction and anesthesia take their toll on the body, and while we’re able to detoxify the body and subvert the majority of withdrawal symptoms through our procedure, there will still be a 2 to 3 day aftercare process for most patients.

Similar to our treatment process, there’s no single solution for every patient, so we tailor the full treatment plan from detox to aftercare around the individual patient’s needs. On average, a patient will need 2 to 3 days for the body and chemical balance to readjust after the detoxification process. We provide care throughout each step of the process, including aftercare, to ensure that patients have the greatest chance at success after addressing their addiction. Even considering the detox procedure and the extra few days for recovery, the process is significantly shorter than traditional rehab programs while eliminating much of the risk and potential relapse that comes with struggling through the symptoms of withdrawal.


If you’re struggling to overcome addiction, or you know someone that is having trouble beating their habit, UMMC is here to offer hope and a real solution. We understand that addiction isn’t a simple, straightforward experience, so we work to ensure that our drug addiction treatment process is compassionate, effective, and made to fit each individual that we treat.

You can learn more about our staff, our facilities, and our process by reaching out. Whether you’re looking for information for yourself, or calling for someone close, we’re happy to discuss treatment options and taking the first step to a healthier, addiction-free life.

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